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About Us

What is the Christian Rock Shop?
Christian Rock Shop is a online store owned by XNilo Records, a musician operated Indie record label that is committed to the ministry of the Christian metal and rock scene. Visit: (John 1:3)

Ministry and Shopping?? Can a store and ministry go together?
While merchandise is sold, the bigger goal of CRS (Christian Rock Shop) is much more than just selling product. Please look over the following list of our goals:
1) Funding Outreach! Since CRS is operated by XNilo Records, the majority of sale percentages are used to support those outreach projects, bands and free websites that we work hard to bring to the public.
2) Supporting Bands and our Partners! We are also looking to offer an outlet for Christian bands and other Christian labels/ministries that may not have an outlet to get their product readily available online. Remember, it takes money for bands to record and put out new cds, play shows, and travel. We offer to sell product for them at an agreed price.
3) Support outreach Ministries/Causes! There are times when bands will put out a non-profit album where all the money made on sales are given to a great cause and/or ministry. If it’s something CRS supports, then we will sell those product for those bands and 100% of the profits will continue to go to the cause it was intended for.
4) Pass on the Savings! We want to provide products at low and fair prices to bless like-minded fans and supporters of the Christian metal and rock scene. To do so, we take less profit per item so that we can pass the savings on.

Is this a real business or just an online store?
Both! Our store is exclusively online (i.e. there is no physical store where customers can walk in) but it is also a very real business. We are filed with the State of Pennsylvania as a DBA. That means we pay state and city taxes like any other company.
Romans 13: 5-7 It is necessary to submit to the authorities …. This is also why you pay taxes….. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.