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Crimson Thorn - Dissection (Original Release!!) [RARE] [USED]

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Dissection is the second full-length album by Crimson Thorn. Dissection was originally released in 1997 on the label Morphine Records. It was later re-released by Rose Records in 1999.
Crimson Thorn is an American Christian death metal band. According to Allmusic, they are "surely one of the world's most extreme-sounding Christian metal bands".
Dissection deserves high praise being the second album from Crimson Thorn. This is not death metal to me. They play faster, more brutally and the voice is even deeper, much like early grindcore bands. The lyrics are 100% Christian focused and they present the message without any regrets, even relating them to some Bible passages.
Dissection surpasses most bands in sheer brutality. Almost all the songs are relentless, where only a few songs have mid tempo or even slow tempos here and there. The guitar crunch, the slaying drumming, the ultra deep beyond-the-grave vocals and the hammering bass make this album a crushing piece and one of the heaviest ever recorded by Christian bands.

Track List:
1 Beaten Beyond
2 Eternal Life
3 Deepest Affliction
4 Dissection
5 Putrid Condemnation
6 All Authority
7 Blood Letting
8 My Salvation
9 Suffering
10 I Ask
11 2nd Timothy
12 Grave and Rebirth
13 Psallo
14 Loud 'n' Clear

Grading Guide
Excellent (EX) : CDs in this condition look used, but like they were taken good care of.
Disc - only a few very light scuffs can be seen when the disc is held at an angle to the light.
Covers - the booklet and inserts are present and have only a few very minor flaws such as a slight bend or light fingerprints.

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